Daddy’s Girl


I can NOT wait until you’re here, breathing in the beautiful smell , staring at all the normal people (or lack thereof), listening to the silent air, all in the heart of New York City! Hahaha!

Mom and I are super excited and right now, you’re getting so big. We pray daily for your health, development and growth, and of course beauty 😛 Every night we feel you  moving around and wonder, do you dream of us? We know you can hear things and now that you’re brain is developing rapidly, we can’t help but wonder, are you imagining your life with us? Writing this is starting to make me cry. I hope and pray that we can be the best parents that we can be. We already love you so much and everything related to you, we find so cute, かわいい!

When people ask what gender you are, mom is starting to get annoyed because I answer like this, “We, are having, a…. baby (rise in inflection) girl” and then proceeding to make a sad face because I already love you so much.

We’ve received so many presents from friends and family that will help you be comfortable and feel loved. Our family is excited to meet you and our friends already love you so much! We are encouraged at how much love and support everyone around us is pouring on us!

Mom is having a hard time moving and sleeping 😦 Your growth is having an impact on her lungs so she has a difficult time breathing also, BUT, she doesn’t mind because it’s all for you. Her body is changing to make sure that you are comfortable and well-developed. Don’t worry, mom is also eating everything under the sun so you definitely won’t come out skinny hahaha. Despite all these changes, mom still loves to move around and dance. In fact, she still goes to the gym with you inside her to dance and work out! Isn’t she amazing!? I will post a video of your mom dancing soon, when I get the chance.

You are just 2 months away. We can’t wait!

We love you, TBK ❤


28 Weeks

We just hit the third trimester yesterdayyy. Whoo!

Have not updated in a long time, sorry :(( but it has been a fun time! We found out the gender and we have named the baby Taylor. Is it a boy or girl? I will let Daddy write that post since he is the most excited person on earth. Haha!

The symptoms lately have been trouble sleeping, pelvic pain and just starting a couple days ago, trouble breathing. These are all normal and part of the game, so just pushing through it! My feet feel bigger too, shoes are tighter fitting – may have to get some 5.5 shoes! Also, I started feeling hiccups starting about a week ago. They feel funny. Also very quick, like every second. Baby is most active whenever I lay down. Feeling the baby moving around has been my favorite thing about pregnancy. Just feeling the life growing inside of me 🙂

We officially started our Bradley class yesterday. We went to one the week before as a make-up class b/c we will miss one in Feb, but yesterday was the first with our series / group of parents that we will meet with over the next 8 weeks. We really enjoy the class and the instructor is great. She’s also a doula and has been to over 400 births! Yesterday, we saw a short film of a home (water) birth in Mexico. It was very sweet and moving, and got us that much more excited for our future delivery.

What else? In December, we went to SF, Hawaii for our babymoon and LA (will make a post of the trip in the “Adventures” part soon…). Miri threw us a small shower and it was so fun, the food was delicious and Jaxon was all smiles. Miri gave some epic storytelling of L+D+post-partum. 🙂 We received sweet gifts and cards from our friends and played fun/funny games. Miri also gave me all her maternity clothes and a bunch of baby clothes! We are so thankful for her friendship and generosity. We are blessed!

Mom finished all her chemo treatments and will get a scan on Friday, with updates on status next Monday. We are praying for full recovery!

That’s all for now. Papa-to-be will post to Taylor. 🙂

Oh Baby!

It has been a really long time since we posted. And I have a lot to update about life, but first things first, we need to talk about Kuga so I can memorialize this for him/her forever (or as long as WP/the internet exists).

We are almost at 19 weeks with Kuga! One day, Peter and I were texting and I swiped the word “kids” (unrelated to anything about Kuga) but it was autocorrected to “kuga” and we don’t know why. But we really liked it so we have been calling Kuga Kuga since then. 🙂 ((after going through kakao history)) Interestingly, this autocorrect happened on the same day we found out about Kuga, but hours before! Cool!

Anyway. For posterity, my/our experience thus far — first tri, I did not have many symptoms. First several weeks I just felt like I was on my period. Cramps + sore bewbs. Then came loss of appetite. (IS THIS EVEN ME?) And ALWAYS ALWAYS tired. (Well, that’s definitely me.) But other than that, no symptoms – no morning sickness, most awesomely! 🙂 I had a few moments where I got nauseous, but I think it might have been due to prenatal vitamins and not actually the pregnancy itself.

Second tri (now), I had a few migraines in the beginning, and then headaches throughout the tri. Started feeling Kuga moving on the first night of week 15! 🙂 Just me doe. Not big enough for Papabear to feel. Kekekeke. Our special thing for now ^_^

What else? Oh I had a taemong in the beginning (though I didn’t know it was one – thought it was just a dream about mom being healed but after I told her she said it was also a taemong lol). I saw big city buildings (i.e. Manhattan) in front of me but it was a beach, where waves were coming in from behind the buildings and receding, and the floor was sand. I was barefoot and looked over to my right to see mom standing (also barefoot) by a huge, beautiful tiger. Compared to mom, it was the size of probably a hippo or so (like way bigger than her). She was laughing, playing around with it and petting it, with the water beneath their feet splashing around. It was a beautiful sight. After I told my mom about the dream, she said I’ll be having a son.

So Kuga, are you a boy or a girl? Can’t wait to meet you either way! :))

Happy Birthday Joyshie~!! 생축!!

A little late to the party (actual birthday was 6/17).

This is the third birthday that we celebrate together as a couple and I have to say, everything is lovely. Joyce, you are the best wife that any man could ever ask for. The amount of support and love that you provide, filled with so much laughter and good memories, I can’t express in words. I am so thankful for who you are and how you worked so hard to get here in life. A lot of people don’t see the struggles that you go through, or the exhaustive nature of trying to be there for everyone, but I do and I am so proud of you.

All our adventures through life are so filled with the holy spirit and I feel super blessed to be with you. What did I do to deserve someone like you and be so lucky? How did I end up with someone so goofy?

I know I’m not working right now and my confession is that because I’m not working… I feel that I shouldn’t be able to use money that I didn’t earn… I messed up and didn’t realize that concept is stupid. I should still have gotten you something, anything but my pride got in the way. Don’t worry though, I’m going to make it up to you even though your face and reaction to this is probably this –

I love you and thank you for loving me and understanding me unconditionally. I’m proud to call you my wife and my best friend. I’ll love you forever ❤

And don't forget that it was also a special birthday because the people you care about all contacted you by phone and cards, letting you know that they hold you dear in their hearts. Also the dancing at The Woods in Brooklyn! We had a great time and everyone, friendsies, squid, church people, CSM Tax Dept., and all of BK came out to show you love. It was a fun night!

Happy 6th, Adey Baby~!

My Adey baby is 6 years old today!! I can’t believe it. I remember when he was born, he was so tiny (he was a little early, maybe a couple weeks?) but looked like a little angel. 🙂

In this post I shall reflect on my nephews and nieces who live on the other side of the country. I have 2 older brothers and each has a firstborn son followed by a daughter. Ryan & Riley from BRO1/SIL1 and Adrian & Lila from BRO2/SIL2. It’s interesting b/c the boys’ names are similar (like “adrian” has “rian” in it) and the girls’ are too (in Korean pronunciation it’s like liley/lila hahaha). The boys are like an uncanny version 2.0 of my brothers (at least from seeing their baby pix together and stuff) and the girls also look like miniatures of my SILs, haha

I first became an aunt when I was 18. I was a freshman in college and my SIL1 gave birth to Ryan, my first nephew, that October. Ryan Phillip Yoon. His middle name is after my dad’s name, but it does make you think of Ryan Phillippe a bit doesn’t it? :p When he was first born, I was so excited to see how “cute” he would be… he wasn’t. HAHA. Newborn babies usually look nothing like what they look like a few days later, after recovering from their journey thru the birth canal. In Ryan’s case, his face was swollen and the first pic we saw of him, he was all slimy. I remember being kinda shocked. Of course he recovered from that and became the friggaliggin handsome boy with a killer smile that he is today. 🙂 just wanted to share in case you have a baby and freak out that they look like an alien byproduct at first. LOL. It is (hopefully) not permanent. ^__~

I lived with Ryan his first 1.5 years (on weekends and breaks when I wasn’t at the dorms), but sadly I don’t remember too much of him as a baby, other than him being covered in Aquaphor all the time hahaha and his pale white, porcelain skin. I remember he started crawling and walking really early, and once he started sitting up, he would copy his grandma (who cleaned a lot) and take towels/gauze and rub the floor making an “errrr” sound (showing the effort). He was raised with great cleanliness. :p

Once he started talking, we realized how much of a *sweetheart* he is. He would say the darnedest, most darling things. Usually about love, God or family 🙂 my SIL1 would post some interactions on FB statuses. I will retrieve some. I also remember when Peter and I got married, he kept asking us to kiss. He said he likes love. Hehehe. Today, he is such a loving older brother to Riley, a great leader of the troop if you will, really good at Korean and extremely talented at drawing! He’s still a total sweetheart and that’ll probably follow him through life.

Then came Adrian in 2011. I remember him being so tiny, having the most beautiful fingers and toes. I remember thinking he looked a lot like my brother even from Day 1, and he wasn’t swollen (maybe I saw him a few more hours into his life than I did with Ryan). I remember a lot of our aunts being there and we had a service praying for him. That was really nice.


Adrian was a baby genius. He started spelling/reading before hitting age 2. He could say the whole alphabet and count to 100. Amazing! In fact, he enjoyed studying – he’d wake up and instead of playing with toys, he’d play with his alphabet letters, books and such. I remember before he started saying real words, he would always look up at ceilings, point, and say “SHdeesh?!” or “SHdatsh!” and we thought he was saying “THIS?” or “THAT!” (who knows if that’s what he was really saying, but the context worked). He always cracked up when I did the Goofy laugh (“guk-guk-guk”). He had this hilarious baby goat laugh. He was also such a chill baby, sleep-trained really early and would wake up smiling/laughing. He really liked dancing (and Bruno Mars songs), though he kinda lacked coordination. Haha :p and later he got really into VBS songs. So cute. Today, he’s still an amazing genius, a silly boy and I expect him to become a rocket scientist or something along those lines.

Riley was born in 2012, just a little before I left for law school. I think Riley is the one I’ve had the least time together with 😦 b/c since I left LA, every time I visited I’ve stayed with BRO2 as they’ve always had an extra room for me (BRO1 has a very full house w/ in-laws), so I only see Riley for short periods of time. I at least had some time with Ryan when he was a baby, but Riley, I’ve just seen grow up kinda through videos and the occasional visits. But she’s a hilarious little girl, very spunky, full of attitude, LOVES singing (and is REALLY good at it — even a little scary, she sings with passionate vibrato LOL) and is so sweet to me. I feel like she loves the word “gomo” (which means “aunt from dad’s side”), she says it so sweetly to me. :)) It melts my heart. I also remember feeding her just a couple times but I thought it was so cute how she ate really well. She’s extremely girly, loves princesses, purses, shoes, etc. She also is good at acting! Lol. She records funny videos being dramatic and stuff :p I also love how when I got married, she called me “princess gomo” hehe and kept wanting to take pictures with me. So cute. I hope I get to spend more time with her ❤


The last one of the tribe is Lila, who’s blessed us with her smiles since 2013 (just 8 months after Riley was born). I went to LA for the week of her due date, but she came out 3 days past and I had to go back to Chicago on her due date. 😦 so I first saw her through pictures, but I remember she had this beautiful smile and double eyelids. Hehe. This little girl is so funny. She is a piggy trashcan, just like her auntie. HAHA. IOW, she eats anything and everything. and I love that about her. She is super sweet, cuddly/touchy, loves hugs and kisses, laughs so easily and is just a truly happy girl. Her happiness is contagious and you can’t help but be happy around her or even just by thinking of her.


My nephews/nieces are probably the #1 reason I wish I lived in LA again. I just feel blissful when I’m with them. Whenever I got stressed out, esp in law school, one videochat session with them would re-ground me and help me feel recharged, rejuvenated and motivated again. It’s crazy how little babies have this power. They are just so precious and sweet. But alas, for now, I feel called to stay here in NYC, so our LDR will continue :(. I just hope my babies know how much I love them and always will, even as they grow older and our relationships change. I hope that when they’re adults, we are friends and share our lives together, pray for one another and encourage one another. I’m so excited, and so grateful I get to be their aunt. ❤


My mother and father were and still are the hardest working people I’ve ever known. They emigrated from South Korea and somehow missed LA only to end up in Chicago. More on my parents in a later post. A few years later, I breathed my first breath of air and I knew then and there that I had BIG plans. While I grew up, I had many things that made me happy: pokemon cards, friends, a bike, working limbs, and my hair. The world revolved around me and my happiness would devour the world.

That is until I ended up in a pharmacy.


Now, I’m not trying to bash on pharmacists. I’m not trying to give the pharmacy world a bad rep. It just… wasn’t for me. I went to pharmacy school early, after three years of undergraduate school. As far as I know, pharmacy and nursing school don’t require a bachelor’s degree, as long as you completed the pre-requisite classes, you can apply (if it changed, that’s how it was when I applied). I was graciously accepted and decided to jump on a career path that would kickstart my world. My parents were happy (and that was the most important thing to me at the time) and I was happy. In my mind, I’d be out of school after four more years and be set. I met so many people that would forever have places in my heart and cherished every moment. After graduation, my wife and I moved to Manhattan to work. I didn’t like NYC at first but after a while, it’s charm grows on you.

I loved meeting new people, listening to stories, and sharing laughs with my coworkers. What I didn’t like was being a pharmacist. I worked for a year and a half and thought that maybe it would grow on me but nope. Not a chance.

giphy (3)

Joyce was very supportive and encouraging when I brought up the thought of a career switch. I had expected her to tell me to be reasonable. I couldn’t have been any more excited about the potential change. I know I had gone through so much schooling just to be a pharmacist but it just wasn’t for me. The only problem was… I didn’t know what else to do…

One day, Joyce was on her flight back from LA when she sat next to a gentleman that was working on his computer. She asked what he was working on and he told her that he worked at a pharmaceutical company as a coder (or developer). That’s when Joyce thought that I would be a great coder! She brought the idea to me and I started to look into it to see if it would be something I’d be interested in.

I spoke with my friend Vinit who is a developer and he encouraged the idea. His hype and love for coding really had me serious about doing it. I searched the internet about the different types of coding bootcamps and eventually, through lots of research, ended up applying to //Flatiron School. I was accepted and now I’m learning so much. I absolutely love it and it makes me so much happier. Thank you Joyce!!!

I also have a technical blog on the side that I work on while attending Flatiron: 

Check it out if you’re interested in some of the things that I’m learning!

All in all, I’m really happy about my journey to become a developer. The people that I met in my coding bootcamp are amazing individuals and are all in the same boat as me. Everyone is looking to switch careers and because of the intense workload that we’re going through, we’ve become close friends within 3 weeks of school. More to come later!


2nd Anniversary~

2 days ago we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary (now entering the 3rd year of marriage~). It was lowkey cuz we’re an old married couple now! 😉 Peter had school til 6 but rushed up after and we had Pure Thai. It’s one of the many delicious Thai restaurants on 9th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen, but I think Pure Thai is the most unique. I love their pad thai, pad kee mao, and papaya salad (which can get super spicy!). The biggest downside is they don’t have any curries ;( but the things they do have are delicious so it’s all good!

We aren’t really big celebrators – never made a big deal of birthdays, anniversaries, or even holidays (though Peter did make V-day pretty special this year by cooking special breakfast and dinner!). So just eating out anywhere is celebratory enough for us 🙂

Last year, on our first anniversary, we did try to make it more “special”. On the weekend, we went up to check out the Met Cloisters, starting with brunch at Indian Road Cafe. The food was delicious and the view from the Cloisters was beautiful. Unforch it was quite chilly at the Cloisters so not many plants were alive (I hear it’s really pretty in the spring/summer), but we still saw interesting things on display and the cloisters itself were nice to see.


We look way taller than we are. Angles, ya’ll!

Then, on our actual anniversary day, there was a surprise waiting for me at my desk when I got back to my office from lunch!

It was really surprising and quite special 🙂 that evening, we had dinner at one of my fave fine dining places in the city, Marea. Absolutely love their seared scallops (but everything I’ve tried there – and I’ve tried many things through work – was exquisite).


Later that week, at home group, we were sharing our highs and lows. Peter went before me. He said “hmmm… my life is pretty standard… pretty boring… nothing interesting.. no highs or lows.” Then it was my turn and I was like, “Well, for me, my high was OUR ANNIVERSARY…” to which everyone responded with violent laughter and Peter was incredibly embarrassed at having forgotten such occasion. Hahaha! That man has terrible memory. 😦

Anyway, this year, Peter continued the – dare I say, tradition? – and sent flowers again! Beautiful! I was surprised once again 🙂 I thought the note was the sweetest.


p.s. my middle name is not Eggy; it’s a nickname Peter gave me – you can ask me why in private. :o)


Sitting pretty on the windowsill.

At dinner, we exchanged cards (which we did last year as well — that is definitely a tradition we are going to continue!) and devoured the food. We were also thankful that God gave us the best possible seats at the restaurant – b/c usually you’re crammed elbow to elbow with other tables’ parties, but we got a big wide table! He always looks out for us! 🙂


Peter’s hair has grown a lot in a year! I don’t like it but everyone else does. Same with his current…fake…nose ring… ;/ anywho..

Marriage has been really fun. It’s so awesome to have a literal life partner, someone to tackle all of life with and dream into the future with. I can’t really say that it’s been hard, though don’t get me wrong; there are definitely challenges that come our way and disagreements that we have. But at the end of the day, we are on the same team and have each other’s backs, and laugh through life together. We trust one another to have our best interests at heart and challenge / press the other when they are out of line or should reconsider their action or POV. It really feels like Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” So very thankful! God is too good to us.

Here’s to many more annies! 🙂