Growing up with 2 brothers, I have had my fair share of video game interestedness. The earliest game I can remember is this like old school 80s looking volleyball game they used to always play with their friends. And super mario of course.

My brother Joe confirmed it was Super Spike V’Ball on NES. Lol to the I ❤ NY signs in the bg!

Near the end of elementary (for me), my brothers (adults in their mid-to-late 20s at this point) and their friends were into the SEGA Dreamcast (and, not a v-game but, WWF, WWE, The Rock, etc). I remember being super into Super Puzzle Fighter (which, happily, we have on our PS3 today so I still play from time to time!).

Then came Counter-Strike. My brothers would throw LAN parties in our garage. And this is before laptops. I remember seeing up to 10 desktops in our garage at one point with all my keun oppa’s church students playing CS together. Naturally (or maybe not), I got into it too, and at some point I think I joined a clan. Lolll. I remember spraypainting my webcam picture onto the ground and walls of de_dust. HAHA.

ANYWAY fast forward to high school when I no longer lived with my bros, I think I was pretty much over video games, or they just didn’t really cross my mind. Aside from a short stint of playing L4D2 for maybe 1 month in college, and I guess your recreational facebook games (which I don’t really count), I never played games again.

Or so I thought. Enter Peter Kim, gamer (and coder? haha sounds pretty cool. VIRTUAL yo~ (i’m using that like “RADICAL yo~”)). At first I thought it was a turn-off that he played so many games. But then he eventually sucked me back into gaming too. Ughhh.

So since we’ve met, we’ve had obsessions with Killer Queen, Super Puzzle Fighter, Ni no Kuni, Don’t Starve (& Don’t Starve Together), Tricky Towers, This War of Mine, and as of late, Overcooked. Let’s not forget his long, ongoing relationship with Overwatch.

BUT OVERCOOKED IS REALLY FUN!! It’s basically a team game where you’re racing against the clock (and often the map itself) to fulfill the endless stream of orders. Completing one order entails gathering the ingredients, chopping them, cooking them (in a pot/on a pan), putting them together on plates, sending them out, and washing the dirty dish to have your next clean plate on which you’ll do all the above all over again. It’s not for the easily flustered or overwhelmed, but definitely so much fun for ones who love multi-tasking, efficiency, strategy, and intensity (i.e. me and Peter).

The upper left shows your orders and their necessary ingredients. The bottom right is the ultimate timer. Each order has its own time limit as well though, and the earlier you submit the order, the higher tip you receive. The bottom left is the score. In the above image, you see that the kitchen got split in half and the upper left pan has meat on it with a red triangle with an exclamation point inside. This pan has been left unattended and none of the cooks are able to get to it right now b/c of the temporarily split kitchen. The longer you leave it on, the faster that red triangle beeps and flashes until eventually the range catches on fire. You have officially OVERCOOKED that meat. Ha ha! Then you need to get the fire extinguisher (here, on the right side by the outgoing orders area) and extinguish the fire before it spreads all over your kitchen.

I’m sure eventually we will move on to another game, as we have in the past, but for now, I really enjoy this game. 🙂


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