2nd Anniversary~

2 days ago we celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary (now entering the 3rd year of marriage~). It was lowkey cuz we’re an old married couple now! 😉 Peter had school til 6 but rushed up after and we had Pure Thai. It’s one of the many delicious Thai restaurants on 9th Ave in Hell’s Kitchen, but I think Pure Thai is the most unique. I love their pad thai, pad kee mao, and papaya salad (which can get super spicy!). The biggest downside is they don’t have any curries ;( but the things they do have are delicious so it’s all good!

We aren’t really big celebrators – never made a big deal of birthdays, anniversaries, or even holidays (though Peter did make V-day pretty special this year by cooking special breakfast and dinner!). So just eating out anywhere is celebratory enough for us 🙂

Last year, on our first anniversary, we did try to make it more “special”. On the weekend, we went up to check out the Met Cloisters, starting with brunch at Indian Road Cafe. The food was delicious and the view from the Cloisters was beautiful. Unforch it was quite chilly at the Cloisters so not many plants were alive (I hear it’s really pretty in the spring/summer), but we still saw interesting things on display and the cloisters itself were nice to see.


We look way taller than we are. Angles, ya’ll!

Then, on our actual anniversary day, there was a surprise waiting for me at my desk when I got back to my office from lunch!

It was really surprising and quite special 🙂 that evening, we had dinner at one of my fave fine dining places in the city, Marea. Absolutely love their seared scallops (but everything I’ve tried there – and I’ve tried many things through work – was exquisite).


Later that week, at home group, we were sharing our highs and lows. Peter went before me. He said “hmmm… my life is pretty standard… pretty boring… nothing interesting.. no highs or lows.” Then it was my turn and I was like, “Well, for me, my high was OUR ANNIVERSARY…” to which everyone responded with violent laughter and Peter was incredibly embarrassed at having forgotten such occasion. Hahaha! That man has terrible memory. 😦

Anyway, this year, Peter continued the – dare I say, tradition? – and sent flowers again! Beautiful! I was surprised once again 🙂 I thought the note was the sweetest.


p.s. my middle name is not Eggy; it’s a nickname Peter gave me – you can ask me why in private. :o)


Sitting pretty on the windowsill.

At dinner, we exchanged cards (which we did last year as well — that is definitely a tradition we are going to continue!) and devoured the food. We were also thankful that God gave us the best possible seats at the restaurant – b/c usually you’re crammed elbow to elbow with other tables’ parties, but we got a big wide table! He always looks out for us! 🙂


Peter’s hair has grown a lot in a year! I don’t like it but everyone else does. Same with his current…fake…nose ring… ;/ anywho..

Marriage has been really fun. It’s so awesome to have a literal life partner, someone to tackle all of life with and dream into the future with. I can’t really say that it’s been hard, though don’t get me wrong; there are definitely challenges that come our way and disagreements that we have. But at the end of the day, we are on the same team and have each other’s backs, and laugh through life together. We trust one another to have our best interests at heart and challenge / press the other when they are out of line or should reconsider their action or POV. It really feels like Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” So very thankful! God is too good to us.

Here’s to many more annies! 🙂


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