JAPAN 2017: Overview

OHIO~! (“good morning” in Japanese is spelled “ohayo” by romanization, but it sounds the same as Ohio the state so~)

This will be the first of a series of posts covering our trip in Japan! I don’t want to do a general summary of the things we did b/c it’d be a disservice to them, so I am going to break down by days or cities.

Last Nov, we went on vacation with my parents and Peter’s parents to the Philippines and Korea. While we were there, my mom expressed how it’s been her lifelong wish to go to Japan. Peter emphatically stated that it has been his also, and that we shall all go together. [Peter’s parents were not interested in going, mainly b/c Peter’s paternal grandmother lived through the Japanese occupation in Korea after WWII so Peter’s dad is a bit, bitter, for lack of a better word.]

We didn’t know when we’d be going, but with the fast turn of events at the beginning of this year, with Peter getting into bootcamp, quitting his job, etc., and my parents being available as well, we bought tickets just 3 or 4 wks before our departure (with points! yay free flights!) and started getting super excited for Japan! I asked my older brothers if they wanted to split the airfare for our parents from Manila and they said yes~ whoo! So they paid for my parents’ flights. Peter and I took care of the housing/transportation/food. *FAMILY TEAMWORK!* 😀

We met up my parents Mar. 1 at Narita Airport in Tokyo. Always so happy whenever I get to reunite with my parents. I suppose I’ll need to do a post about them being missionaries in the Philippines sometime =p but yea, since we live in different countries, I usually only see them once, twice if lucky, a year. So anyway, the reunion was lovely~. We spent the first 2 nights in Tokyo at an airbnb in Ikebukuro, then headed to Kyoto on the shinkansen (bullet train). We slept at a hotel there for 2 nights, and on the evening of the 5th day, my parents went back to Manila.

Peter and I headed to Osaka, where we spent one night at another airbnb, then took the shinkansen back up to Tokyo. We spent 2 more nights in Tokyo and on our 8th day, after busting a mission to find Mizuki from Terrace House (lol) we were airport-bound. After a 20 hour layover in Hong Kong, we flew back to the US.

I’ll cover this trip in detail over the next series of posts, followed by a final reflection at the end. We’ll also be making a video of all the vlogging we did on our Akaso, but not sure that’ll be done any time soon. Anyway–stay tuned! 🙂


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