And we shall teach rock n’ roll to the world.

Yesterday was Family Day 2017 at my firm. Last year, it was at the Big Apple Circus. This year, we got to see School of Rock the musical on Broadway. It was rockin’! 🙂


I really appreciate a lot of things about my firm, and Family Day is one example of such things. All employees of the firm (i.e. not just the lawyers) are invited on Family Day and are guaranteed at least one ticket for a guest of their choosing, and if I’m not mistaken, tickets for all their children. Most people show up with their spouse and 8 kids (lol), though plenty of people also bring significant others, siblings, parents, aunts/uncles, etc. You can also request extra tickets on standby if there are tickets left over after the initial tickets are distributed. Whatever the event is, we rent out the entire venue and there are usually free snacks/food/drinks.

This year, I requested one ticket for Peter and one for an extra guest. We initially invited Peter’s former pharm-tech from DR, who we’ve been trying to help out and mentor, but she had to cancel last minute due to some personal issues. The show was to start at 1 and we had church right before from 11-12, so we thought we could ask someone at church if they want to join us. Turns out our doctor friend from home group was happy to come, though we had to convince her for a good 3 minutes that it’s fine if she had to leave at any point b/c she was on call for work. I was praying throughout the show that she wouldn’t get called so she can have a restful Sabbath, and sure enough, she was able to stay the whole show (and didn’t get called for the rest of the day — which she says happens almost never!). Prayer is powerful ya’ll. 😀


The show was awesome. It was funny, inspiring, touching (esp regarding parent/child relations), and most of the time we were all just in AWE of how good the child actors were – at acting, dancing, singing, and playing instruments literally like rockstars. If only I could have recorded and shared the solos – the electric guitarist and drummer were out of this world. [Yay!! Thanks to the internet I’ve found links of their work!] I can’t imagine how good they’ll be as they mature if they’re already playing like world-class musicians at age 12 or so. So impressive. Also, Summer Hathaway was played by an Asian child actress Olivia Chun and she was absolutely adorable and amazing! I felt so proud of her and all the children and could only imagine how proud their parents must feel. Overall – I highly recommend watching this musical!

I was happy to have brought our friend because, as a hospital employee, she said they don’t even have holiday parties, so she was really happy and surprised that the show and all the snacks/drinks inside were free :). I am certainly grateful and proud of my firm in always finding ways to appreciate its employees and hope to never take these things for granted.


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