A life-changing lint remover

My friend Angela helped me start this blog, and I told her about this lint remover shaver thing (not sure what it’s actually called) that removes fuzzies, like those bumps/balls that form on your sweaters, your fleece blankets, etc. after some use, and she said it was literally life-changing. So I said I would make a post about it and dedicate it to her ^_^ this post is dedicated to you Angela!

So I guess this lint remover shaver – or “LRS” as I’ll refer to it for the rest of this post – is really unknown by the general population, but it’s a gem! It removes the fuzzies that the commonly known and used standard lint roller cannot, for the life of it, remove. You know, those little balls that you have to pick off individually with your fingers for hours–but not with the LRS! The LRS will have those off in no time, like seriously seconds for a big patch of them.


Basically it has a little rotating blade encased inside this silver porous contraption, with a little vacuum behind it, so as you move the shaver along your sweater, it shaves the fuzzies and sucks them up into the duct. Once the duct is full, you just empty it out like you would your vacuum (but without all the crazy mess and dust involved, since these are just small little fuzzies).

Lint remover shavers are portable, battery-operated and quite inexpensive. I got mine at Bed Bath & Beyond over 10 years ago for $8 and it still works perfectly. It seems there are many different options online. This one from Target seems decent for $5.99. This one from Walmart is $7.68 and looks pretty similar to the one I have, except mine’s unbranded. Just try searching “lint remover shaver” and you should get a bunch of options. If you have a Daiso near you, I think they sell them too.

Word of caution: don’t use it on things like spandex leggings or things that’ll knack, because then it can ruin them and make holes in them. This accounts for most of the negative reviews I’ve seen on these products online. But for things like fleece or wool, and I think standard cotton also, it will perform miracles. And make your life better.

Goodbye, fuzzies!



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